Concertal Systems provides innovation in design process and IPM management and rapid SoC, ASIC, and FPGA designs. As with any new technology, we are ready to assist you with any questions that might arise regarding our technology. Provided below, are some of the most common questions that we receive.

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Our technology unifies and bridges gaps starting at design definition and continuing throughout the design process in the management and integration of modules.  We replace current manual integration efforts to quickly create, configure, and validate better designs, at a lower cost, and with an increase in responsiveness to the market and customer requirements.

Concertal's IntelliConX and Orchestrate focused on creating new devices and designs using a system-level perspective to solve some of the problems in the current design process caused by increasingly complex designs and compressed time frames.  IP reuse, design automation, and a new hardware interconnect allow customers to realize better designs, with less cost and risk, and shorter time to market.

IntelliConX - Hardware design fabric

Orchestrate - Software design environment

Concertal's technology provides management of design process from concept to RTL generation. Orchestrate provides management resources for your technology, increases efficiency in design integration, and provides system-level simulation to verify the integration of your modules. New designs can be quickly generated decrease cost and time to market, allowing our customers to focus their resources on innovation and creativity.

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No! IntelliConX compatibility removes complex interfaces that cause incompatibilities and additional work during integration efforts.  Depending on the complexity of your design, existing IP will require a small adapter or modifications in the IP to allow connections with the IntelliConX interface classes.

For new technology, it can simply be designed with the IntelliConX interface classes in mind. And the best part, once the IP is IntelliConX compatible, you can use your legacy IP blocks and new IP blocks together for new designs or verifying functionality of new design compared to the legacy design

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No! The IntelliConX connect is not a new interface standard. It provides a way to standardize communication between all IPM while still preserving the unique needs of your innovations. Your interface is defined in terms of standardized objects, which allows your custom interface to work with any other IPM that is compatible with IntelliConX without having to alter your interface or the third party interface.

Concertal Systems provides a new system design automation platform to provide advanced integration of your Intellectual Property Modules together for your next innovative design

IP that is imported into the library is solely controller by the owner of the IP.  You control the decision to share with other users and groups or make your IP publicly available.

There are no boundaries to the applications for IntelliConX and Orchestrate.  It applies to small, simple design and expands to accommodate large, complex systems without additional work and changes required by the user.  Features of our technology are uniquely suited and provide innovative solutions to address challenges currently facing these markets and more:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Automotive
  • Defense and High-Reliability
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Security
  • AI/ML