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Semiconductor and FPGA designs today involve increasingly complex functionality with ever constricting project and cycle times. The increased paced of new technology developments drives the need to weigh the design specifications and requirements against the project risk. This restricts advancements and stifles creativity & innovation. But does that have to be the case?

IntelliConX™ is a new design fabric for true design automation leveraging design reuse concepts and advance topologies to remove barriers to innovation. With IntelliConX™, designs are created from a comprehensive system point of view, enabling resource-confined teams & businesses, breaking down traditional barriers between disciplines and uniting teams to achieve new heights & possibilities for their businesses.

IntelliConX™ enables many different features and benefits:


Up to 31

Number of IPMs IntelliConX™ can integrated per fabric. IPMs can be individual components or separate sub-systems.


Add, delete, or change IPM in your design with the click of a button.


Once imported into the the library, IPMs are compatible with all other IPMs automatically


Multiple IntelliConX fabrics can be networked together to integrate an infinite number of IPMs in a single design.


Control and distribute clocks between IPMs within the design.

Power Management

Utilize reset and power controls for each IPM for power efficient solutions

Using IntelliConX™ as the design core, see how Orchestrate achieves system-level design innovations.
Interested? Use the design platform to import your IPM and create & simulate a new design

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